Jeff Bridges, Brand New Angel Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jeff Bridges, Brand New Angel Tabs, Chords

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Jeff Bridges - Brand New Angel (Chords)

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Brand New Angel - Performed by:Jeff Bridges

Intro: Bm (with a couple hammers)
        Bm   F#    Bm
Well it rained last night
        G    C    G (walk down to)
And the stars shone bright
And way off yonder
  A F#            Bm      A
We heard the whippoorwill

       Bm  F#       Bm
At the first light of dawn
    G        C      G
We heard that he was gone
Our hearts was empty
        A F#    Bm      A
And our eyes was filled

DG    D
Open the gates
BmF#    Bm
Welcome him in
          G         D       A
There's a brand new angel
A                        A7     D   G   D
A brand new angel, with an old violin

In music he heard
All the songs of the birds
And he said that some songs
Was like clear fall day

Well he gave his last refrain
O but his song will remain
Though he's put his bow down
And closed his case

Open the gates
Welcome him in
'Cuz there's a brand new angel
There's a brand new angel
With an old violin

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Bridges Jeff Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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