Catherine Britt, Big Rock Candy Mountains Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Catherine Britt, Big Rock Candy Mountains Tabs, Chords

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Catherine Britt - Big Rock Candy Mountains (Chords)

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One evening as the sun went down,
               E          A
and the jungle fires were burning, 
Down the track came a ho-bo hiking. 
 	       E       A
He said "Boys I'm not turning.
    D             A    
I'm head-ed for a land that's      
D    A     D        A       E
far away beside the crystal fountains. 
So come with me weíll go and see 
 	      E     A
the Big Rock Candy Mountains.       

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains thereís a 
D                    A                 D 	 
land thatís fair and bright, where the hand-
             A 	  	  	       E           
Outs grow on bushes and you sleep out every night. 
Where the box-cars all are empty and 
    D                A           D             A
The sun shines every day. Oh the birds and the bees 
        D         A          D        A
and the Cigarette trees, the lemonade springs where the 
D         A            E              A
blue bird sings in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.


In the big Rock Candy Mountains.  
All the cops have wooden legs
and the bull-dogs all have rubber teeth 
and the hens lay soft-boiled eggs.  
The farmer's   trees are full of fruit
and the barns are full of hay. 
Oh, I'm bound to go where there aint no snow, 
where the rain donít fall 
and the wind donít blow 
in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

The Big Rock Candy Mountains.  
You never change your socks.  
And the little streams of alcohol 
come a trickling down the rocks. 
The brake men have to tip their hats 
and the rail road bulls are blind.
There's a lake of stew and whiskey too, 
you can paddle round in a Big canoe 
in the Big Rock Candy Mountains 

The Big Rock Candy Mountains.  
The jails are made of tin.  
And you can walk right out again 
just as soon as youíre put in. 
There aint no short-handled shovels.  
No axes, saws or picks. 
I'm going to stay where you sleep all day, 
where they hung the jerk who invented work 
in the Big Rock Candy Mountains

     D       A        D      A           E             
Iíll see you all this coming fall in the big rock candy 

Britt Catherine Tabs & ChordsBritt Catherine Lyrics

Britt Catherine Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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