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Phelps Brother, Not So Different After All Chords

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Phelps Brother - Not So Different After All (Chords)

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Not So Different After All
By:  Brother Phelps

Key of E

Play the progression E  B  F#m  A  twice during the intro solo

Intro Solo:

    E                 B          F#m   A                        E
Play twice for intro solo

E	  B   F#m       A
Night and day, fire and ice
E            B                 F#m  A
You cry your tears I swallow mine.
E            B          F#m              A
If you believe that my heart can't pay the price
E          B               F#m    A
Maybe it's time you looked inside

     B                  E
You throw your words in anger at me
B                   E
Cast your stones to see me fall
    B                A    
And we both bleed oh why can't you see
      F#m           A 
We're really not so different after all

(Intro solo once through)

E            B         F#m            A
That wounded look, you never tried to hide
E            B             F#m   A
wears like a badge on your sleeve
   E                 B        F#m           A
It must give you the right to judge the way I feel
E           B                F#m  A
But even my hidden tears are real

Guitar Solo- E B E B  E B F#m A
          F#m           A
Naw we're really not so different after all

Outro: (Intro Solo twice or so and fade)

							Jason A. Wendtland

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