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Junior Brown, My Wife Thinks Youre Dead 2 Chords

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Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks Youre Dead 2 (Chords)

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Recorded by Junior Brown
>From the album: Junior High
Origian*lly transcribed by: Gene L. Graham

The original transcription is in D. After listening to the recording I found
that it is played in E. I have re-chorded the original transcription as

[E] It's good to see you, baby, it's been a long, long while
We're both a whole lot older and seen a lot of miles
But [A] things are really different now, since the good old days
And [E] you've been in some trouble, since we went our separate ways
We'll [B7] have to say hello, maybe some [A] other time instead
'Cause you're [E] wanted by the Police
   And [B7] my wife thinks you're [E] dead.

[E] Somebody spread the rumor that you had lost your life
That's the way I heard it and what I told my wife
Now, [A] here you're showin' up again and talk is gettin' 'round
And [E] I can see that one of us will have to leave this town
If you [B7] think that I want trouble, then [A] you're crazy in your head
'Cause you're [E] wanted by the Police
And [B7] my wife thinks you're dead.

[E] You never called or wrote me, just up and disappeared
Nobody knew what happened, where you been for all these years
Well, [A] trouble's what you lookin' like, so, trouble where you been
And [E] I can see the kind of trouble you could get me in
You better [B7] pay attention to [A] ev'ry word I said
'Cause you're [E] wanted by the Police
And [B7] my wife thinks you're dead.

[E] So, goodbye to you baby, I'm glad we go to talk
But I'm faithful to my wife and I don't ever break the law
I [A] don't know where ya headed for but I know where you been
We [E] reminisced, now, let's just go our separate ways again
Go find [B7] another ex-sweetheart to [A] hang around instead
Cause you're [E] wanted by the Police
And [B7] my wife thinks you're dead.

TAG:  I said, you're wanted by the Police and my wife thinks you're dead.

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