T.Graham Brown , Darlene Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

T.Graham Brown , Darlene Tabs, Chords

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T.Graham Brown - Darlene (Chords)

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Casio Settings: Beat Bank 1.1
                              Tempo 120
                              Chord 1
                              Chord 2

                     T. Graham Brown
         G                           D
         Darlene, sit down I need to talk to you

         Then you do what you want to do
         Just hear me through
         G                          D
         Darlene, you don't need no other guy

         When you gonna realize
         How much I love you


         C                                 G
         Darlene, you're an errant pack of all you dreams
                            D                            G
         I'll have all I'll ever need, if you'll go with me

         C                             G
         Darlene, honey I can give you everthing
                           D               G
         I want you for my darlin', Darlene


         G                                 D
         Darlene, we're both tired of just hangin' 'round
         Tired of dreamin' in this sleepy town, the rest is history


Brown T Graham Tabs & ChordsBrown T Graham Lyrics

Brown T Graham Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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