T.Graham Brown , The Last Resort Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

T.Graham Brown , The Last Resort Tabs, Chords

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T.Graham Brown - The Last Resort (Chords)

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Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (D) (G) (D) (G)

(D) I'm glad we took this holiday
At least we got a week or t(D7)wo to st(G)ay
Just get a(D)way
Away of all the hurrying
Forget about the worry (D7) in our (G) lives
Just you and (D) I

 (G) Now we've come back to (C) try to (G) find
 (A) That part of loves we (Asus4) left be(A)hind
 Can we (G) save our love
 Make it the way it was be(A)fore
 Here at the last re(D)sort (G) (D) (G)

Remember when we first came here
It doesn't seem like that many years ago
We were so close
Time can erase those memories
But time has been our worse enemy
We both know our love's dying slow

Repeat Chorus

So (Bm) this is where it all began
(A) Let's don't let this (Asus4) be where it (A) ends

Repeat Chorus

Brown T Graham Tabs & ChordsBrown T Graham Lyrics

Brown T Graham Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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