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Browns - Scarlet Ribbons (Chords)

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Here is another song by the Browns 50s vintage.  Scarlet Ribbons was a
big song for them.  This is my version of this beautiful song.


Deral Clour

                    SCARLET RIBBONS

 Recorded on RCA Victor in the 50s by Jim Ed, Maxine and
 Bonnie Brown.
 slow 3/4 time (waltz) my favorite key on guitar E

[E] I peeked [A] in to [B7] say good [E] night 
[A] when I [B7] heard  my [A] child in [E] prayer,
And for [A] me some [B7] scarlet [E] ribbons 
[A] scarlet [B7] ribbons [A] for my [E] hair.

All the [B7] stores were closed and [A] shuttered
[C#] All the streets were [F#] dark and [B7] bare.
[E] In our [A] town no [B7] scarlet [E] ribbons
[A] scarlet [B7] ribbons [A] for her [E] hair.

Through the [B7] night my [E] heart was [A] aching
[C#] Just before the [F#] dawn was [B7] breaking,
[E] I peeked [A] in and [B7] on her [E] bed 
in [A] gay pro [B7] fusion [A] lying [E] there
I saw [A] ribbons [B7] scarlet [E] ribbons 
[A] scarlet [B7] ribbons [A] for her [E] hair.

If I [B7] live to [E] be a [A] hundred 
[C#] I will never [F#] know from [B7] where
[E] Came those [A] lovely [B7] scarlet [E] ribbons 
[A] scarlet [B7] ribbons [A] for [B7] her [E] hair.

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