Brian Burns, Thunderstorms & Tyler Roses Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brian Burns, Thunderstorms & Tyler Roses Tabs, Chords

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Brian Burns - Thunderstorms & Tyler Roses (Chords)

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Just a wild-eyed kid from Waco
runniní loose and fancy-free,
all our friends said I was crazy,
G                                       D
but you were crazier than me.
Sometimes we knew what we were after,
G                                           D
sometimes we didnít have a clue.
Thunderstorms and Tyler roses
G                                       D
always make me think of you.

Frank & Lisa moved to Denver,
and I lost track of Will & Jen.
Iím still liviní here in Ft. Worth,
Iím just the way Iíve always been.
I played a show last night in Austin
and it rained when I was through.
Thunderstorms and Tyler roses
always make me think of you.
Sometimes I hate this gettiní older,
G                              D
itís not as easy as before.
That world we knew in Ď87
C                        A
isnít turning anymore.

And this weekís been cold and cloudy,
and the rain is bittersweet.
Today I saw a man in Dallas
selliní roses on the street.
You might wonder why I bought them,
and I might tell you if I knew.
Thunderstorms and Tyler roses
always make me think of you.

[Thanks to 1FastBullet for tabs]

Burns Brian Tabs & ChordsBurns Brian Lyrics

Burns Brian Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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