Glen Campbell, Ghost On The Canvas Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Glen Campbell, Ghost On The Canvas Tabs, Chords

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Glen Campbell - Ghost On The Canvas (Chords)

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Ghost On The Canvas
Written by Paul Westerberg
Recorded by Glen Campbell

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  |(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7)|(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7/D)|

(G) I know a place between life and death for you and me |(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7/D)|
(G) Best take hold on the threshold of eterni-(A)ty (D)
And see the (C)ghost on the canvas, (G) (C)people don't see us! (G)
(C)Ghost on the canvas, (G) (A)people don't know when they're (C)looking at soul!

Inst.:  |(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7/D)|

(G) In between here and there, there is a place that we can grow |(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7/D)|
(G) The spirits make love in the wheat field with (A)crows (D)
Like a (C)ghost on the canvas, (G) (C)people don't see them! (G)
(C)Ghost on the canvas, (G) (A)no, they (C)never see soul!

Inst.:  |(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7/D)|

(Em) Ring around the rosary, (Em/D#) pocket full of prose you read
(D) Ashes to ashes we (A/C#)all fall in love with the (C)ghost on the canvas

Inst.:  |(G) |(C) |(G) |(C) |(G) |(C) |

(G) We dream in color, others they color their dreams |(G)(Gmaj7)|(G6)(Gmaj7/D)|
(G) It takes one to know one, the spirit always knows (A) what it sees (D)
Like the (C)ghost on the canvas, (G) (C)never can have us (G)
The (C)ghost on the canvas, (G) it's the (A)soul that (C)makes them go

Inst.:  |(D) |(C#/D) |(C/D) |(C/D)

People don't know (D) |(C#/D) |(C/D) |(C/D)
When they're looking at soul! (D) |(C#/D) |(C/D) |(C/D)
Better to call (D) |(C#/D) |(C/D) |(C/D)
I'm a (C)ghost on the canvas (G) -----

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