Jeff Carson, I Almost Never Loved You Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jeff Carson, I Almost Never Loved You Tabs, Chords

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Jeff Carson - I Almost Never Loved You (Chords)

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Capo 4th Fret (To Match Recording)

(D) Any other mornin', you might have walked a different street;
(Bm) Turned a different corner, instead of bumpin' into me.
You'd have (G) never said: "Excuse me."
I'd have (Em) never smiled and told you: "That's o(D)k."

We (D) never would have sat down in that quiet coffee shop;
(Bm) Traded old war stories about loves that we have lost.
I'd have (G) never got your number,
Be(Em)fore I kissed your cheek and walked a(A)way.
We (G) wouldn't be here to(A)day.

 	 Oh, I (G) almost never loved you:
 	 Another (A) place another time,
 	 I'd have (D) missed your kiss forever, 	 
 	 And (Bm) watched you walk on by.
 	 I'd have (G) gotten up this morning,
 	 (F#m) Just an(Bm)other lonely (E7) fool.
 	 I could (G) never live without you,
 	 And yet, I (A) almost never loved (D) you.

A (D) man like me, I might as well admit it:
(Bm) Lovin' you was easy, the trick was fallin' in it.
All the (G) what-ifs and near misses,
The (Em) stars that had to line up perfect(A)ly:
It (G) scares me now to (A) think

Repeat Chorus

(Bm) Right out of the bl(F#m)ue,
Right into a dr(G)eam
Fate must have (A) smiled on me.

Repeat Chorus and Fade Out 

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Carson Jeff Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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