Chris LeDoux, Bad Brahma Bull Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chris LeDoux, Bad Brahma Bull Tabs, Chords

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Chris LeDoux - Bad Brahma Bull (Chords)

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   I saw that there was a request for this song so, this is what I found. 
 Again, it's off of Chris LeDoux's web page, and they say it was his oun hand-
written music. Now, I tried to play it with the chords he has for this song 
and it didn't sound very good. But, this was arranged by Chris LeDoux,
 so I would think he know's something I don't. 
  I have revised this a little. I found out that Chris LeDoux, in some of his songs,
played them with a capo on the third fret. All the notes I have are accurate,
 but you just need to capo the 3rd fret and use these chord positions for the ones I have

  C shape chord is Eb,  G is a Bb,  D7 is a F7, G7 is Bb7, Fm is Ab.  
I'm not so sure about some of these, so please let me know the right 
ones so I can fix this, thank you.

 1st verse

             [Eb]                     [Ab]
     I was snappin' out broncs at the Old Flying U
         [Bb]               [Eb] 
     At forty a month, a plum good buckaroo
               [Eb]         [Eb]        [Ab]
     Well, the boss comes around and he says,"Hey, my lad,
               [Bb]        [Bb]                     [Eb]
     Well you look pretty good ridin' horses that's bad." 
         [Ab]                     [Eb]
     You see, I ain't got no more outlaws to break, 
              [Eb]                       [F7]        [Bb7]
     But I'll buy you a ticket, and I'll give you a stake
         [Eb]                    [Ab]           [Ab]
     At ridin' them bad one's well you ain't so slow
               [Bb7]                         [Eb]
     And you might do some good at the big rodeo.

 2nd verse

     While they're a puttin' the bull in the chute,

     I'm strappin' my spurs to the heels of my boots

     I looks that bull over and to my surprise 
     Well, he's a foot and a half in between his two eye's.

     On top of his shoulders he's got a big hump

     I cinches my riggin' just back of that lump
     I lands in his middle and I lets out a scream
     He comes out with a beller and the rest is a dream.

 3rd verse 

     Well, he jumps to the left, and he lands toward the right

     But I ain't no greenhorn - I'm still sitting tight

     The dust starts to foggin' right out of his skin

     He's a wavin' them horns right under my chin.

     At sunnin' his belly he couldn't be beat 

     He's a showin' the buzzards the soles of his feet

     He's a dippin' so low that my boots fill with dirt

     He's a makin' a whip of the tail of my shirt.

4th verse

     He's a snappin' the buttons right off of my clothes

     He's a buckin' and a bawling and a blowin' his nose

     The crowd starts to cheerin' both me and that bull

     Well, he needed no help,but I had my hands full.  
     Then went to fence rowin' and a weavin' behind
     My head went to poppin' - I sorta went blind

     He starts in high divin'- I lets out a groan

     We went up together, but he come back alone.  

 5th verse 

     Up high I turns over and below I can see

     He's a pawin' up dirt just a waitin' for me

     I can picture a grave and a big slab of wood

     Sayin' " Here lies a twister who thought he was good." 

     I notices somethin' don't seem can be true

     But the brand on his hip was a big Flyin' U

     When I landed he charged, but I got enough sense

     I out run that old bull to the hole in the fence.


     I dives through that hole and I want you to know

     I ain't goin' back to no big rodeo

     At a straddlin' them brahmas you can bet I'm all through
     So  I'm sore footin' it back to the old Flyin' U. 

                I hope this helps someone and I hope someone can help me.

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