Chris LeDoux, National Finals Rodeo Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chris LeDoux, National Finals Rodeo Tabs, Chords

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Chris LeDoux - National Finals Rodeo (Chords)

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National Finals Rodeo by Chris Ledoux
Chris Ledoux
Its on the Rodeo songs old and new album

Bb                             D
A rodeo's just a rodeo after riding several years
      F                D                F              Bb
But let me tell you about one that will chill your very soul
    F           D                 F               Bb
It happens in December when it's snowin' and it's cold
In Oklahoma City there's a building of concrete
       F                  D                F          Bb   
It's where the toughest stock and men will gather and compete
The points have all been tallied and the stock has all been brought
       F                  D            F                  Bb 
We've got just two more hours cause it starts at eight o'clock

          D                              Bb
It's the Finals the NFR the Series of the sport
      D                                           Cm
Hey rookie can you take ten head have you got the heart
      D                                               Bb
You think you're a tough cowboy we'll find out in the end
                   F                    D                Bb
When that final whistle blows and the stock's all in the pen

 Bb                    D
The coliseum's quiet except for the sounds
     F              D              F             Bb
Of cowboys getting ready and the workmen of the grounds
The cowboys ask each other, what each other's got
     F             D          F               Bb
Did you draw ol' Necklace or pluck old Double-Ought
The tension now is mounting as the crowd starts pouring in
    F                D            F                Bb
A shiver goes all through me like from a cold cold wind
I hear the horses comin' runnin' down the alleyway
          F              D             F               Bb
They're snortin' and a blowin' as men shut the sliding gates

(Repeat The Chorus)
Bb                                   D
We had too much time a while ago but not enough time now
      F            D        F                  Bb  
The Anthem is now over the grand entry's going out
I sit there on my bronc I'm ready and I wait
    F                D        F                    Bb
I hear a chute gate open so I look out through the gate
A horse comes boiling out and blows up at the roof
      F               D              F           Bb
And then there comes another kicking like a curly wolf
I hear the chute boss holler through the yelling of the crowd
    F                 D             F                        Bb 
He says there's one ahead of you so you'd better get screwed down

(Repeat The Chorus)
 Bb                                 D
 I nod my head, I'm in a daze the horse goes boiling out
   F                 D            F               Bb
I run my spurrs into his neck and then I drag 'em out
My mind is in a blur my eyes are seeing red
      F                 D               F                Bb
The flank catch slams into my back, his rump bangs on my head
     F                      D          F              Bb
My hand's jerked from the riggin and I crash into the ground
I stumble to my feet as I stagger to the wall
   F          D          F              Bb
I wonder to myself is it really worth it all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus & Fade)

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Chris LeDoux Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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