Chris Norris, Outlaw Heroes Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chris Norris, Outlaw Heroes Tabs, Chords

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Chris Norris - Outlaw Heroes (Chords)

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Outlaw Heroes               Written and Performed by: Chris Norris

(C) What happened to (F) ole time country (C)music
(C) Where did all the outlaws (G) go?
(C) We never hear (F) songs about (C) drankin
(C) Like we did a (G) long time (C)ago 


And we like (F) Hank, Cash, Willie, and ole (C) Waylon
The Hag, The (C) Possum, and Paycheck (G) too
(C)When we hear one, (F) we go to (C) singin....(Am)
(C) I sure (G) miss em, how bout (C) you?     

(C) Well Willie (F) drank from the whiskey (C) River
(C) And ole Hank, who's gonna fill his (G) shoes?
(C) Cash was finally (F) freed from Folsom (C) Prison
(C) And we'll never forget (G) about ole Waymore's (C) Blues

Instrumental : (C) (G) (C)

(C) Well the Possum (F) stopped loving her (C) today
(C)Paycheck still plays that Old (G) Violin
(C) The Hag still (F) sings me back (C) home
(C) And like Charlie said, the (G) South's Gonna Do It (C) Again

Repeat Chorus

Tag : (C) I sure (G) miss em, how bout (F) you.........(C) 

Chris Norris Tabs & Chords

Chris Norris Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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  1. Chris Norris - Outlaw Heroes Chords
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