Christmas Songs, Huge Christmas Collection ! Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Christmas Songs, Huge Christmas Collection ! Tabs, Chords

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Christmas Songs - Huge Christmas Collection ! (Chords)

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Happy holidays to all    Enjoy !


st:John Denver, J. Henry (c) 1975)

The season is upon us now (D) (A7) (G) (D)
A time for gifts and giving (G) (A) (D)
And as the year draws to its close (D) (A7) (G) (D)
I think about my living (Em7) (A7) (D)

The Christmas time when I was young, The magic and the wonder, But colors 
dull and candles dim, And dark my standing under 

Oh little Zachary, shining light (Bm) (E) (A) (G)
YouÕve set my soul to dreaming (D) (A7) (D)
YouÕve given back my joy in life (Bm) (E) (A) (G)
And filled me with new meaning (D) (A7) (D)

A Savior King was born that day, A baby just like you, And as the Magi 
came with gifts, I come with my gift too

That peace on Earth fills up your time, That brotherhood surrounds you. 
That you may know the warmth of love, And wrap it all around you

ItÕs just a wish, a dream IÕm told (Bm) (E7) (A) (G)
Merry Christmas, little Zachary (G) (A7) (D) (Bm)
Merry Christmas, evÕryone (Em) (A7) (D)
Merry Christmas, little Zachary (G) (A7) (D) (Bm)
Merry Christmas, evÕryone (Em) (A7) (D)

(st:Traditional c1855)

Angels we have heard on high (D) (A) (D)
Sweetly singing through the night (D) (A7) (D)
And the mountains in reply (Bm,) (D)
Echoing their brave delight. (D) (A7) (D)

Glo-ri-a (D) (B7) (Em) (A7) (Bm) (G) (A4) (A)
in excelsis Deo, (D) (A) (D) (G) (D) (A)
Glo-ri-a (D) (B7) (Em) (A7) (Bm) (G) (A4) (A)
in excelsis Deo. (D) (A) (D) (G) (D) (A) (D)

Shepherds, why this jubilee? (D) (A) (D)
Why these songs of happy cheer? (D) (A7) (D)
What great brightness did you see? (Bm,) (D)
What glad tidings did you hear? (D) (A7) (D)

Come to Bethlehem and see (D) (A) (D)
Him whose birth the angels sing. (D) (A7) (D)
Come adore on bended knee (Bm,) (D)
Christ the Lord, the newborn King. (D) (A7) (D)

(st:Traditional c1887)

Away in a manger, (D)
no crib for a bed (G) (D)
The little Lord Jesus (A7)
lay down his sweet head (G) (D)
The stars in the sky (D)
look down where he lay (G) (D)
The little Lord Jesus (A7) (D)
asleep on the hay (Em) (A7) (D)

The cattle are lowing, the Baby awakes; But little Lord Jesus, no crying 
He makes; I love Thee, Lord Jesus, look down from the sky; And stay by my 
cradle 'til morning is nigh. 

Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay, Close by me forever, and love 
me, I pray. Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care, And fit us for 
Heaven to live with Thee there.

(st:B.Hayes, J.Johnson (c) 1948)

I'll have a blue Christmas without you; (F) (C7)
I'll be so blue thinking about you. (Gm) (C7) (F)
Decorations of red (Cm) (D7) (Cm)
on a green Christmas tree (D7) (Gm) (D7) (Gm)
Won't mean a thing if (G7)
you're not here with me (C7) (Bb) (B) (C)

I'll have a blue Christmas, that's certain; (F) (C7)
And when that blue heart-ache starts hurtin', (Gm) (C7) (F)
You'll be doin' all right (Cm) (D7) (Cm)
with your Christmas of white, (D7) (Gm) (D7) (Abdim)
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas. (C7) (F,) (Fdim) (F)

(st:S. Weisberg (c) 1975)

(C) (G) (D7) (G)
Tall in the saddle we spend Christmas day (C) (G) (D7) (Em)
Drivin' the cattle on the snow-covered plains. (C) (G) (D7) (G)
All of the good gifts given today; (C) (G) (D7) (Em)
Ours is the sky and the wide open range. (C) (G) (D7) (G)

Back in the cities, they have different ways, Football and eggnog and 
Christmas parades. I'll take the blanket; I'll take the reins; Christmas 
for Cowboys and wide open plains. 

A campfire for warmth as we stop for the night; The stars overhead are the 
Christmas-tree lights. The wind sings a hymn as we bow down to pray; 
Christmas for Cowboys and the wide open plains.

It's tall in the saddle we spend Christmas Day, Drivin' the cattle on the 
snow-covered plains. So many gifts have been opened today; Ours is the sky 
and the wide open range. It's Christmas for Cowboys and wide open plains.

(st:Mel Torme, Robt.Wells (c) 1946)

(Am) (Fm6,) (C) (B7,) (Em7) (A) (Dm7) (G7) (C)
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire (C6) (Dm7) (/g) (Cmaj79) (Dm7) (/g)
Jack Frost nipping at your nose (C6) (Gm7) (C7) (F) (E7)
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir (Am) (Fm6) (C) (F#m7) (B7)
And folks dressed up like Eskimos (E) (Fm7) (Bb7) (Eb)

Everybody knows (Dm7) (G7) (C)
a turkey and some mistletoe (Dm7) (/g) (Cmaj7) (Dm7) (/g)
Help to make the season bright. (C) (Gm7) (C7) (F) (Bb9)
Tiny tots with their eyes all a-glow (Am) (Fm6) (C) (B7)
Will find it hard to sleep tonight (Em7) (A7) (Dm7) (G7) (C)

They know that Santa's on his way; (Gm7) (C9) (Gm7) (C9)
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh. (Gm7) (C9) (Fmaj79)
And ev'ry mother's child is gonna spy (Fm7) (Bb9) (Ebmaj7)
To see if reindeer really know how to fly. (Am7) (D7) (G7) (/g) (/a) (/b)

And so I'm offering this simple phrase (C6) (Dm7) (/g) (Cmaj79) (Dm7) (/g)
To kids from one to ninety-two; (C) (Gm7) (C7) (F) (Bb9)
Although it's been said many times, (Am7) (Bb9) (Cmaj7)
many ways (Ebdim)
"Merry Christmas to you." (Em7) (Am7) (Dm7) (G7,) (Cmaj7)

(st:Old Welsh Air)

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, (D) (Bm)
Fa la la la la, la la la la (A7) (D,) (D) (A) (D)
Tis the season to be jolly, (D) (Bm)
Fa la la la la, la la la la (A7) (D,) (D) (A) (D)
Don we now our gay apparel, (A7) (D)
Fa la la la la, la la la la (D) (Bm,) (A) (E7) (A)
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol, (D) (Bm)
Fa la la la la, la la la la (G) (D,) (D) (A7) (D)

See the blazing Yule before us, Fa ...
Strike the harp and join the , Fa ...
Follow me in merry measure, Fa ...
While I tell the Yuletide treasure, Fa ...

Fast away the old year passes, Fa ...
Hail the new, ye lads and lasses, Fa ...
Sing we joyous all together, Fa ...
Heedless of the wind and weather, Fa ...

(st:Traditional. publ.1833)

The first Noel the angel did say, (C) (Am) (G) (F) (C) (F) (C)
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay; (F) (C) (F) (C) (G) (C) (G7) (C)
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep (C) (Am) (G) (F) (C) (F) (C)
On a cold winters night that was so deep (F) (C) (F) (C) (G) (C) (G7) (C)
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel (C) (Em) (F) (C) (G)
Born is the King of Israel. (F) (G) (F) (C) (F) (G) (C) (G7) (C)

They looked up and saw a star, Shining in the East, beyond them far; And 
to the earth it gave good light; And so it continued both day and night. 

This star drew nigh to the North West, O'er Bethlehem it took its rest, 
And there it did stop and stay, Right over the place where Jesus lay. 

Then enter'd in there Wise Men three Full rev'rently on bended knee, And 
offered there in His presence Their gold and myrrh and frankincense.

(st:S.Nelson, J.Rollins(c) 1950)
(c:suggest Capo V)

Frosty the Snow Man (C) was a jolly happy soul (F) (C)
With a corn-cob pipe and a button nose (F) (C) and two eyes made out of 
coal. (G7) (C) (G7)
Frosty the Snow Man is a fairy tale they say (C) (F) (C)
He was made 

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