Marvin Christy, Faith Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Marvin Christy, Faith Tabs, Chords

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Marvin Christy - Faith (Chords)

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Song sung and written by Marvin Christy

(G)He can (em)calm the (C)winds that feed th
(D)violence on the (G)sea so
(G)when the (em)way grows
(C)long and steep and (D)we juist can not
(G)see     (G)darkness(em) hovers
(C)near and brings the (D)fear of real de-
(G)feat   but

(G)Faith  is (em)something you cant(D)see
   (A7) but in re-al(D)ity
(em)faith will(D)set you (G)free   so
(G)take     (em)up thy cross and (D)be
   (A7)all you can(D)be  for
(em)faith is(D)all you (G)need

(G)Take the(em)path not(C)often trod be-
(D);oevers walked be-(G)fore   and
(G)you will(em)find the(C)faith that lets u
(D)open any (G)door  the
(G)hand of(em)God will
(C)bing you peace when(D)storms they toss &
(G)road, your (G)ship will(em)then be
(C)calmed and easily(D)take you back to

        repeat chorus

capo once and play in Aflat

[Thanks to Lee Christy for tabs]

Christy Marvin Tabs & Chords

Christy Marvin Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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