Marvin Christy, Safe In His Arms Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Marvin Christy, Safe In His Arms Tabs, Chords

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Marvin Christy - Safe In His Arms (Chords)

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(B7)He's my (A7)light inthe (C)darkness (C)
(D) He's my  Peace in the (G) storm )G)
(B7) Ev--en  (A)though I (C) fail Him (C)      I
(D) Know i"m (D) safe in his (G)arms  (G)

verse #1
(G)I'm not afraid at(F)all of to
(am)     (am)      (D)though i know it
(D)well might bring (G)sorrow  (G)
(G)I'll keep trusting(F)Jesus every
(am)day      (am)         (D)and i know some
(D)how He'll gind a (G)Way   (G)

          repeat chorus
verse #2
(G)Storm clouds rise and(F)come to sur
(am)round us (am)      (D)thuder,lightening
(D)rain all a (G)bout me   (G)   but
(G)I am trusting (F)Jesus to keep me
(am)safe    (am)    (D)and i know that
(D)He will take my(G)place    (g)

          repeat chorus
(G)Even when i'M (F)weak and I (am)fail Him
(am)       (D)even then i (D)know I can
(G)trust Him (G)     (G)He's my strength when
(F)I'm too weak to (am)stand   (am)   He's
(D)always there to (D) take me by the
(G)Hand     (G)

               repeat chorus
play at a moderate 4/4 with feeling

[Thanks to leechristy for tabs]

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Christy Marvin Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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