Marvin Christy, (where we'll) Never Grow Old Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Marvin Christy, (where we'll) Never Grow Old Tabs, Chords

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Marvin Christy - (where we'll) Never Grow Old (Chords)

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this arrangment by M.Christy

capy 2--play E

(D)  I have (D)heard of a (D)land on the
(D) far away(D)strand, it's the
(bm)beautiful (C#7)home of the (A7)soul
(A7) built by(D)Jesus on (D) high where we
(D)never shall (D)did, it's the
(bm)land where we'll (A7) never grow
(D)      (D)

(D)Never grow(D7)Old  (G)Never grow
(D)Old, in the (bm)land where we'll
(D)never grow (A7)old       (A7)
(D)Never grow (D7)old    (G)never grow
(D)old in the (bm) land where we'll
(A7)never grow (D) old

verse 2 (same as 1)
     in that beautiful home where we
never shall roam, where we'll
be in the sweet by and by          happy
praise to the king through e=terinty"s
sing in the  land where we'll
never garow old

verse 3 same as 1 and 2

  When our work here is done and our
life crown is won, all our
troubles and trials are oer         all our
sorrows will end, and our voices will
blend with the  loved ones who've
gone on before

        repeat chours as desired

[Thanks to leechristy for tabs]

Christy Marvin Tabs & Chords

Christy Marvin Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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