, Buffalo Creek Bridge Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Buffalo Creek Bridge Tabs, Chords

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- Buffalo Creek Bridge (Chords)

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The Circuit Riders - Buffalo Creek Bridge

          Bm                                D
There's a bitter wind blowing down from the high country today.
Bm                             D
Shadow of a black bird makes a cross on the highway.
    Bm                     D
The body of Ann Marie lies still beside the road.
    Bm                         D
Her skin so pale and cold. Her black hair against the snow.
    Am                      Bm             D
Her sweet life fades in the water swirling red,
   Am            G             D
As snow falls on Buffalo Creek Bridge.

There a young man on the bridge with bloodstains on his hands.
Says, "Jesus, this can't be your plan.
In a world of so much pain maybe you are pretend.
Maybe there's nothing else. Maybe there's just the end."
Her screams still echo in his head
As snow falls on Buffalo Creek Bridge.

Snow is blowing sideways across Highway 81.
Broken glass and jagged chrome shine like jewels in the sun.
He takes her in his arms in the shadow of the bridge.
Tells her how much he cares and what she means to him.
She closes her eyes and slips away from him
as snow falls on Buffalo Creek Bridge. 

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Circut Riders Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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