, Special Prayer Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Special Prayer Tabs, Chords

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- Special Prayer (Chords)

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Civil Retreat It is illegall for anyone to use this song for   recording purposes
Special Prayer              Yall try to play it and see how u like it
                              Then comment on it and tell me what u think
Intro         G/CAdd9/G/Cadd9/G/D 2 times

   G                         G
I lost My job and i turned to beer
Cadd9                          Cadd9               G
My life doesnt have the same old cheer as it used to
When i thought of you

  G                         Fm7
I came home i was drunk one night
  Cadd9                       Cadd9           G     
yelled at you and the kids and we got in a fight
we weren't supposed to

  G                             Cadd9    
I ran outside and i slammed the door
 F7m                                   Cadd9
Jumped in the front seat of my 4x4 and sped away 
i looked up and prayed

(Chorus      G             Fm7                Cadd9
I need to fine the way to happiness of the good ole days
             G                    Fm7
before the alchol, I going out of control
          G                             G
Should i just keep going till i get to town 
          Cadd9                  Cadd9
Should i turn this old truck around
Thats What i'm asking today
                          Cadd9         G/A/G/A/D
In this Special Prayer i prayed

  G                         G
Right about when i hit the car
    Cadd9                             Cadd9
I closed my eyes and i pictured the stars
G                                  D
inside my head,  I thought i was dead

  Cadd9                              Cadd9
Well i opened my eyes and i looked around
 G                        G
I couldn't belive what i found
           Fm7                D
it was my family, Standing over me

       Cadd9                         Cadd9
Then i thought back to the prayer i prayed
       G                               G
And i knew god had answered it in A special Way

I was showed the way it was supposed to be

   Cadd9                   G
Loving my wife kids and family
thank you for Teaching me
        G                             G        
and asnwering this special Prayer i prayed

Outro     G/cadd9/D/Fm7/G    2 times  

Civil Retreat Tabs & Chords

Civil Retreat Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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  1. Civil Retreat - Special Prayer Chords

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