, A Night I Can't Remember Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, A Night I Can't Remember Tabs, Chords

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- A Night I Can't Remember (Chords)

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Cledus T. Judd

** Capo 3rd Fret (To Match Recording) **

Intro: (G)  (D)  (Em7)  (C)  (D)

Been (G) dang near two years
Since (D) I had a beer
(C) By gosh that's changing to(G)night (D)
Gonna (G) start me a tab
(D) Call me a cab
(C) Might even get in a (D) fight (D/C) (D/B)
(Am) I ain't going (C/B) hog-wild in for(D)ever
Gonna (C) have myself a (D) night I can't re(G)member (D)

Miller (G) Light a shot of Crown
Man that (D/F#) stuff burns goin' down
One too (Em7) many Coke and Jacks
It'll (C) all come floatin' (D) back
That Old (G) Cuervo's way too strong
But one (D/F#) more 'fore I go home fire up the bl(Em7)ender
Gonna (C) have myself a (D) night I can't re(G)member

(D) (Em7) (C) (D)

(G) Drunk ain't my style
And it'll (D) be a long while 
(C) 'Fore I pull that stunt ag(G)ain (D)
(G) Tylenol and Tums
Oh (D) no here it comes
(C) I'm prayin to the porcel(D)ain (D/C) (D/B)
(Am) This hangov(C/B)er can't last for(D)ever
Done (C) had myself a (D) night I can't re(G)member (D)

Shot out the (G) lights
Kicked down the door
Woke up (D/F#) face down on the floor
I'd better (Em7) call someone and ask
How'd I (C) wind up in this (D) cast
I got (G) stamps on both my hands
I wonder (D/F#) who threw that beer can
Right through my (Em7) winder
Done (C) had myself a (D) night I can't re(G)member

(G)  (D/F#)  (Em7)  (C)  (D)

My dang (G) liver's nearly gone
In A-(D/F#)-A's where I belong
Hey thanks bart(Em7)ender
Done (C) had myself a (D) night (No Chord) 
I can't re(G)member (D/F#)  

Fade out...

Cledus T Judd Tabs & Chords

Cledus T Judd Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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