, Don't Mess With America Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Don't Mess With America Tabs, Chords

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- Don't Mess With America (Chords)

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Don't Mess With America
parody of "Only In America" by Brooks/Cook/Rogers
new lyrics by Clark/Judd
Thanks to Korry for the basic chords.   Fill in the bleeps at your leisure.

INTRO (after "Star Spangled Banner" riff):   E A B (2x)

E                         A              B       B-A-E
They never shoulda messed with New York City         
E                    A             B
They don't want none of old Uncle Sam
A               B               E
We stared right in the face of terror
A                                  B
And you know Lady Liberty still stands

    E        A                B        B-A-E
Them F-15's and our Special Forces
E          A            B
God bless every one we sent
A            B              E
To defend freedom and our nation
A                                B           E
And thank goodness Bush is our president

     A              B                                     E  
Don't mess with America, or we'll beat you red white and blue
     A               B                                        C#m
Don't mess with America, that's the last thing that you wanna do
             A         E      C#m             A          E
You already had your chance, now we're gonna kick your (bleep)
A                    B
Don't mess with America

Bin Laden's goin' down like a White House intern (kinda sounded like Ronnie Dunn didn't I)
And while we're at it let's get that nut Hussein
When the threat of evil is finally silenced
You'll hear how loud freedom can ring

E                         A              B 
They've started somethin' we're gonna finish 
(someone says somethin' here; if you know who/what it is, let me know)
E            A               B
And we won't rest until that day
(G.W.Bush: "We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail)
               B                        A
Everywhere you look you see them flags flyin'
(G.W.Bush: "God bless America")
A                                    B
And what that stands for, hehe they can't take that away
(G.W.Bush: "My fellow Americans, let's roll")


Don't mess with America, or we'll beat you red white and blue
Don't mess with America, bin Laden I'd hate to be you
You don't stand a chance, we're gonna open up a can of whoop-(bleep)
Don't mess with America


F      Bb               C                                            F
Don't (bleep) with America (you're over there preachin' about a Holy War)
        Bb               C                                                        F
Don't (bleep) with America (you're gonna be full of holes when one of them Navy Seals finds ya)
        Bb               C
Don't (bleep) with America (and by the way, get a beard trim)

C  Bb  F 

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