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- Goodbye Squirrel (Chords)

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Goodbye Squirrel--Cledus T. Judd
parody of "Goodbye Earl" by Dennis Linde
new lyrics by Judd/Clark
Thanks go to theMan for the chords; they fit pretty darn well.   Any help with the lyrics
is much appreciated.

INTRO:   C F G   C F C G N.C. (Be very very quiet...we're a-huntin, somethin')

C                           F
Me and Harold Mumfort were outdoors men 
C                     G
Set in our backwoods ways
C                    F
Both members of the huntin' club
        C          G C 
Both active in the NRA (National Redneck Association)
We scouted a location where we had no doubt
     C                              G
We'd kill the biggest buck in the world (about a 34-pointer)
C                 F
Harold waited in his tree stand
     C     G              C
But all he seen was a squirrel
Dang near 2 weeks since the season started
      C                    G
And neither one us was amused
          C                 F
We had on real trick camo, high-powered ammo
     C      G       C
But no big game to shoot
Then we finally saw a deer as big as a horse
C                           G
Harold had him in his crosshairs (shoot 'im!)
           C                     F
But that squirrel jumped off a branch above us
      C        G        C
And landed in Harold's hair

       Am                         G
Harold fell off the stand, on his head he landed
         F                  C
Like a wimp he laid there cryin'
         Am                         G
'Til I climbed on down, picked him up off the ground
        F                      G      N.C.             C
And it didn't take us long to decide, that squirrel had to die 

     G        F                    C
Goodbye squirrel, with black-eyed peas
F             C            G        F
You're gonna taste good to me, squirrel
             C   F        C         G         F
It's you or me, come on outta that tree, squirrel
          C     F                C         G     F        C-F C-F
Hey guess what, ha you've eaten your last nut, squirrel

C                              F
Me and Harold went down to the surplus store
C                   G
Bought a keg of dynomite
      C                  F
Two baseball bats and a case of M-80's
        C            G          C
We were in for one heck of a fight (we'll show you)
When you're huntin' with dumb and dumber
C                              G
Somethin's surely bound to go wrong
         C                 F
And when Harold lit that real short fuse
   C         G         C
I knew it wouldn't be long

          Am                     G
When the dynomite BLEW Harold's foot did TOO
       F             C
And fingers began to fly (fly)
         Am                    G
We were barely alive when the game warden 'rived
     F               G    N.C.
And much to our surprise, that squirrel didn't die, gosh

     G       F                   C    N.C.
Goodbye squirrel just one more shot
F             C       G        F
You'll be in my crock pot, squirrel
               C     F          C        G        F
You'll make a lunch, you overgrown chipmunk, squirrel
             C      F          C            G        F      INTRO out
I'll skin ya high, and make a hat when it's dry, squirrel

Dead-flang Earl, my Gosh Ronnie Milsap could shoot better than you....
I think I killed something.

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