, If George Strait Starts Dancin' Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, If George Strait Starts Dancin' Tabs, Chords

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- If George Strait Starts Dancin' (Chords)

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Cledus T. Judd
December 14, 2003

Intro: (G)  (A)  (D)

Every (D) time a country awards show (G) comes on my T(D)V
I'm forced to put up with some (E) choreograph(A)y
I (D) really like She-Daisy and Sara Evans is mighty (G) fine
But I prefer my country (D) music without (A) all that bump and gr(D)ind

So Sha(G)nia put some clothes on
Stop (D) prancin' all around
And Mark (E) Miller I get dizzy watching you sp(A)in with Sawyer Brown
(D) Even Jo Dee Messina's shaking her hips and all of her (G) red
But if (D) George Strait starts dancing somebody sh(A)oot me in the (D) head

** Key Change **

Well you (E) never saw Hank Jr. do the el(A)ectric bugal(E)oo
And I can't see Merle Haggard moon(F#)walking in his (B) boots
Now, (E) Faith Hill is a diva and she can shake her bootyful (A) thing
But I prefer my country (E) singers to just (B) hold real still and (E) sing

So Kenny (A) Chesney keep your hat on 
Quit tr(E)ying to get down
(F#) You don't see Brad Paisley sugar (B) footin like James Brown
(E) Even the Dixie Chicks got their groove on in Earl's (A) dead
But if (E) George Strait starts dancing somebody sh(B)oot me in the (E) head

Last (C#m) night I had a bad dream that (A) country was going (No Chord) pop
I seen (F#) Alan Jackson break dancing while (B) McGraw did the robot

So Trace (A) Adkins put one glove on if you're (E) gonna dance like that
You (F#) move like Michael Jackson but you (B) wear a cowboy hat
Now (E) I don't much agree with what Lee Ann Womack (A) said
So if (E) George Strait starts dancin somebody sh(B)oot me in the (E) head
If George Strait starts dancin somebody sh(B)oot me in the (E) head 

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