, My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy Tabs, Chords

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- My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy (Chords)

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Cledus T. Judd - My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy

Play with capo on 1st fret. 
Chord shapes are relative to capo position.

N/C indicates no chord is to be played.                   


Bb                        Eb  F  Bb          
Hi Ho Silver, away.......

After my show thought I'd have a little fun,

Hopped on a horse, lord he sure could run.
       Eb                                                Bb
Well I got a butt kickin' when the police finally caught me.

Not a moment too soon, Tim McGraw jumped in,

Did his best Jackie Chan, caught a cop on the chin.
    Eb                                      F
Now I don't understand why they's arrestin' me.

N/C                    Bb   F                  Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm sexy, I really turn him on.
                           F                    Bb
He's always staring at me, when them guards are gone.
    Eb            Bb               F            Bb
I'm runnin' outta cigarettes, he's askin' me to dance,
   Eb               Bb            F
He says I'm lookin' good in these orange pants.
  Eb          Bb    F        Bb         Eb
I really wish Tim McGraw was here to protect me,
N.C.                    Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm sexy.

I'd give anything to be back on my bus,

I'm hidin' in my bunk but he's climbin' on up.
       Eb                                          Bb
Swears all he wants me to do is sing him one of my songs.
Says he's got a dream, I'm afraid of what it is,
You're never gonna see me on a horse after this.
  Eb                                      F  
I only get one call, I hope that Faith is home.

N/C                    Bb    F                       Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm sexy, he just won't leave me alone.
                         F                     Bb    
He's blowin' kisses at me and I'm a-duckin' em all.
  Eb               Bb             F             Bb
I hate to break it to him, I'm in no mood for romance,
Eb           Bb            F
What part of no don't this fool understand?
     Eb         Bb         F             Bb       Eb
Well I'm in big trouble if someone don't come and get me,
N.C.                    Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm sexy.

Well one day behind bars is long enough,

'Cause when I drop that shovel, would his eyes light up?

N.C.                    F  N.C.                   Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm UH, my cellmate thinks I'm sexy, 
F                 Bb
I really turn him on.
                          F                    Bb
My name is Kenny Chesney, this ain't where I belong.
Eb              Bb             F                Bb
Me and Tim's in trouble buddy, one thing is for sure,
       Eb              Bb              F
George Strait is gonna kick us off his George Strait tour.
  Eb           Bb                F           Bb     Eb
I called Tracy Lawrence but he's in the next cell beside me,
N.C.                  Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm sexy.
F                      Bb
My cellmate thinks I'm sexy.

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