, Ridin' With Inmate Jerome Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Ridin' With Inmate Jerome Tabs, Chords

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- Ridin' With Inmate Jerome (Chords)

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Ridin' With Inmate Jerome--Cledus T. Judd
Parody of "Riding With Private Malone" written by Shepherd/Newton
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd
Thanks go to lmofle for the great chords to the original version.  I slapped
a capo on their so it'd be user-friendly.
Corrections welcome.

Capo II

INTRO: D Dsus2

I was just out of the rehab rollin' through the neighborhood
When I came across this homeboy, said he'd fix me up real good
He led me down an alley and right through a chain-link fence
   G             A               D
I had a hundred dollars I could spend
It was parked out in the driveway at a house of ill repute
And in the backseat hung a double-breasted lime green suit
A                                  G
What that homeboy showed me nearly caused a heart attack
G                     A                          D
For what he called a hooptie was a sky-blue cadillac
       Bm                         A
And I felt a little nervous as I drove out of the hood
      D                                          G               A
But I loved that furry steering wheel and that dashboard made of wood
I opened the mini bar and in there I found a note
    G                                   A              D
The stationary said country jail, and this is what he wrote

            Bm         A        G      A
He said my mis-name is inmate LeRoy Jerome
        Bm             A               G             A
And if you's readin' this judge say I isn't comin' home
F#m             Bm          G                 A
Though I am incarcerated, I'll make a deal wichyou
G                                    A
If you can keep my gals in line this car belongs to you
     D            A              G             A
Now ride low and drive slow and make her yours own
        G            A                D
You'll always be ridin' wif inmate Jerome

     Bm                        A
The grill on the radiator was gold that shiny bright
      D                                     G             A
And I tell you those old curb feelers were handy late at night
I get the feelin' sometimes if I'd turn real quick I'd see
     G                        A                 D
A gold toof cat daddy in the seat right next to me

Bm                                 A    
One night I was hoppin' in when I heard the breakin' glass
    D                                G               A
And I can still remember sounds of bullets whizzin' past
Someone said they saw a man in a fur coat and fur hat
G                                  A             D
Push me out of the movin' car and take his caddy back


It was a young man named inmate LeRoy Jerome
He's out of the joint the parole board sent him home
Yes he was incarcerated, but he cut a deal or two
Now he's got a new pinky ring and Bruno Malley's shoes
I even think I caught a whiff of Michael Jordan's Flash cologne
I sure 'nuff loved ridin' with inmate Jerome


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