, Where's Your Mommy? Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Where's Your Mommy? Tabs, Chords

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- Where's Your Mommy? (Chords)

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Where's Your Mommy?--Cledus T. Judd
Parody of "Who's Your Daddy" written by Toby Keith
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd, Frank Pierce, and Christopher Clark
Thanks to WildCard76 for the great chords; I took a couple liberties to make it easier,
so any errors are mine.

Go to sleep little baby, before the boogeyman gets you
When you awake we'll patty-little-cake, and ride the pretty little pony

INTRO: A Bb B7 C# D E A E7 A B7 D E7 A E7 (twice, I think)

(Spoken over INTRO):

(Baby-talk, crying in background)
Shhh.   Hehe, it's okay, you're so cute
You little wookie-wookie-wookie-wookie
Was it my singin?   Ahh, you look just like your daddy--who's your daddy?
Naw, I'm just kiddin, I love you so very much, you come here to me
Oooh, (sniffing) shoot I think it's time for you to change your little bitty diaper
My pookie-wookie-wookie-wookie
I love you so much but I wish you'd just quit cryin!

Well I'm sittin here rockin' our cute little baby
Tell me why won't you just stop cryin
            D           E7             A
My little souvenir Dollywood last Valentine
Yeah I burped you twice it sounded good did everything a father should
Read Barney and nursery rhymes
             D                          E                   A
I guess your mamma needs a girl's night out every once in a while

I put on a brand new diaper baby, ha ha 
Don't you wet it
E7                                           A (once)
Yeah everything was going just fine 'til she threw up on me 
E (once)
When I fed it

              A              C#
Where's your mommy, I'm goin crazy
             D              B7
Called up a buddy, I need a friend
'Cause I'm a new dad who don't know what to do
       B7                  E7
When a tummy starts to rumblin'
                A                      C#
Your diaper's droopin, you won't stop poopin
            D                 B7
Now I 'bout stood, all I can stand
              A           F#
Where's your mommy little baby
          B7    E7    A
You got a dummy for a dad


(Spoken over SOLO):
Shhh, come here, what's wrong with you
Your tummy-tummy-tummy hurt you little pookie-poolie-wookie, quit cryin please!

Well you're still up past your bedtime baby, ha ha aintcha
Well I 'bout had it
E7                                              A (once)
I never knew what your momma went through but I do now and I know 
E (once)
Uh! I'm no good at it


Where's your mommy, I'm goin crazy
How'd you get muddy, where have you been
It's that dang doggy door that you keep crawlin through
I'll have to nail that thing shut again
You sure are screamin, you must be teethin'
I warmed your bottle, I burned my hand
Where's your mommy, little baby
You've got a dummy for a dad

Here comes your mommy, little baby
And your daddy sure is glad


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Cledus T Judd Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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