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Bruce Cockburn, Indian Wars Chords

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Bruce Cockburn - Indian Wars (Chords)

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                Em                                      G
Out in the desert where the wind never stops
Em                                      G
A few simple people try to grow a few crops
C                   Am7          G
Trying to maintain a life and a home
D                   C     Am7                    G
On land that was theirs before the Romans found Rome
Em                                 G
A few dozen survivors, ragged but proud
Em                                        G
With a few woolly sheep, under gathering cloud
C                   Am7               G
It's never been easy, or free from strife
D                    C      Am7                  G
But the pulse of the land is the pulse of their life
Em                                          G
You thought it was over but it's just like before
D                     C       Am7         G
Will there never be an end to the Indian wars?
Em                                               G
It's not breech-loading rifles and wholesale slaughter
Em                                     G
It's kickbacks and thugs and diverted water
C                    Am7                   G
Treaties get signed and the papers change hands
D                       C        Am7              G
But they might as well draft these agreements in sand
Em                            G
Noble Savage on the cinema screen
Em                                 G
An Indian's good when he cannot be seen
C                      Am7         G
And the so-called white so-called race
D           C        Am7       G
Digs for itself a pit of disgrace
Em                                            G
You thought it was over but it's just like before
D                      C    Am7           G
Will there never be an end to the Indian wars?

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