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Bruce Cockburn, Peggys Kitchen Wall Chords

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Bruce Cockburn - Peggys Kitchen Wall (Chords)

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                D               C       G              D
Crashing in the kitchen, noises in the hall
                        G      C                           D
Roll over and go back to sleep -- it's just a dream, that's all
G                       C
So how come the window's broken?
D                       G
What caused the glass to fall?
D                G              C               G
And who put that bullet hole in Peggy's kitchen wall?

D       C     G               D
Police arrive -- muddy up the floor
                  G       C                D
Dig out half the plaster -- it's a .38 for sure
G                     C
Kick the neighbour's door in
D                   G
Saying better tell it all
D           G               C               G
Who put that bullet hole in Peggy's kitchen wall?

D              C         G               D
Blaster on the back porch shaking up the lane
                 G               C                        D
They're drinking gin and joking -- laughter falling down like rain
G                 C
Everybody wears a halo
D                   G
Never saw nothing at all
D              G              C                G
So who put that bullet hole in Peggy's kitchen wall

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