Cody Hubach, Skid Row Rodeo Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Cody Hubach, Skid Row Rodeo Tabs, Chords

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Cody Hubach - Skid Row Rodeo (Chords)

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Skid Row Rodeo
   Bill Miller
   performed by Cody Hubach
     Has also been recorded by Lost John Casner:

        C                               F                      C
Sunday mornin' at pancake heaven after Saturday night was used up
      F              C             G                G7      
Everybody's Tequila sunrise was a hung-over coffee cup
              F                           C              Am
There was an old man at the counter in a beat up Stetson hat
          C                                  G                    C	 
singing whiskey by the mem'ries and I could hear him from where I sat

                F                                        C    F  C
They called me Bulldog Roy in the days of the wild west show
         F                                             G     G7
And I'm tellin' you boys that was a mighty long time ago
 F                                             C                 Am 
Now I'm the star of the Blue Moon Bar in this life I've come to know
        C                                       G           C
Spare change for a poor old cowboy down on the Skid Row rodeo

It started out in Amarillo where the land is dusty and flat
Then when all my bones were busted just like my money and my pride
I saddled up old Jack Daniels and from there it's been a hell of a ride

Repeat chorus:

Well, the Sun broke though the window, he said I got to be movin' along
I handed him my last dollar as I watched him stumble into the dawn
I wish that damned juke-box was busted 'cuase I'm tired of hearing B-21
Hank, Jr. ain't never gonna sing 'em the way his daddy done

 F                     C
Oh, its a Skid Row rodeo 
        F                                   C 	
I been down so low out on that Skid Row rodeo

Cody Hubach Tabs & Chords

Cody Hubach Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Cody Hubach
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