Cody Hubach, Three Fingered Davey Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Cody Hubach, Three Fingered Davey Tabs, Chords

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Cody Hubach - Three Fingered Davey (Chords)

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Three Fingered Davey
   P. Hardin and M. Russell
   performed by Cody Hubach

        C         G     C        C7
he was born in a Texas roadhouse
     F                   C
his bed was the barroom floor
F           G          C            Am
Momma made chili outa goat-meat and beans
     D                          G   G7
and Daddy threw drunks out the door

        C        G            C              C7
little Davey sat nekked on a whiskey-stained stool
         F                         C
saw his daddy gunned down, age of two
     F             G           C             Am
the nerves got to Mom and the place went to hell
      D                      G  G7
what more's a poor widow to do?

      C            F
he's wild when he drinks
he says just what he thinks
          C                         G
plays guitar with a three-fingered hand
              F          G          C         Am 
he drives a broken down car to the next dirty bar
           D          G           C
he's just one of the boys in the band

well, the county took Davey when Momma went mad
those baptists would show him the way
but he run off with the carnies and he never looked back
and he's out on the road still today

well the world's fattest lady taught Davey guitar
gypsies, fandango and blues
and this pony-ride cowboy would yodel and moan
and throw in a harp lick or two


a ride on the midway took his fingers
a woman in Dallas, his soul
barrooms, carnivals and lonely motels
is the only life he'll ever know

so if you're ever drinkin' down in Texas
at a back country roadhouse or bar
take a look on the stand for a three-fingered man
playin' hell on a worn out guitar


 F            C          G           C
he's... just one of the boys in the band

spoken: "he ain't nobody special"


Cody Hubach Tabs & Chords

Cody Hubach Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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