, Nobody To Blame Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Nobody To Blame Tabs, Chords

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- Nobody To Blame (Chords)

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Intro: A  F#m  D  A

     A                               F#m
If I hadn't have stayed gone, you'da never been alone
           D                                A
But then I wouldnt be on this road that I'm on
        A                                 F#m
If I'da chose not to sing, hell, I coulda done alot of things
              D                              A
But then this feeling inside wouldn't be the same

              A         E               F#m   E         D
And I could'a been everything that they say I should've been
            A                                   E
I should've loved you like our love would never end
           A                          D                    B
I could've called but I didn't so now this is the life I'm livin'
         A            E           D                 A
With six strings, one dream and nobody to blame but me

The noise from all the crowds pick me up when I'm down
And that's somethin' baby even when you're not around
All the whiskey and late nights let you know that I
Was just something that you had to lay down


    Bm                           C#
Oh, here tonight I see, with the spotlight on me
         F#m               B
I've got everything that I need

Six strings, one dream and nobody to blame but me
Six strings, one dream and nobody to blame but me 

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Cody Johnson Band Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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