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- The Grandpa Song (Chords)

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Capo 2

Intro Chords:
D  F  G  D  F  G  D

I wish that my Grandad was still here today 
Cause' I'd love to here what he'd have to say 
      G                            Gm                    D
About three dollars and fifty-nine cents for a gallon of gas
And I'd show him my wife and what I've done with my life
And see if he liked all these songs that I write
G            Gm                        A        Asus4  
Oh, I wish I knew what he would think about the        the fact that
          Bm                           F#m                    Bm        Bm/A          G           E7
If you're sixteen and pregnant, you'll get on tv, but yet we're laying off school teachers fast as can be
G                                          A
Oh, I wish I knew what he'd think about us now

                     C                 G
He'd probably ask me why the good ole' US of A 
Is so damn tied up in our foreign aid 
         C                       G
When the American farmers got to sell all the cows 
            A         Asus4
To keep the bank from taking the house. 
       D             F#m/D        D7                       G     Em
I wish I could write him in on my ballot for the next president
               G                    A 
Cause' there's men like John Wayne, Augustus McCrae, 
         D                     G 
The Lone Ranger and his Indian friend
               Em        A               D
But there will never be another man like him

I'm glad that I'm not some big Hollywood star 
Who thinks they have the right to go as far 
As b***hing about the hundred million dollars they make a year
Cause' there's scars on my knuckles and sweat on my brow 
And I know that Grandpa, he'd sure be proud 
Of my little part that I've made to our family tree
He'd probably ask me why people like Casey Anthony can get off scott free and why our taxes are still killing folks just like you and me
Oh I wish I knew what he'd think about us now.


Yeah, there's men like John Wayne, Augustus McCrae, the Lone Ranger and his indian friend, but there will never be another man like him

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