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Graw Cooder, This Hurt Chords

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Graw Cooder - This Hurt (Chords)

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                This Hurt
By Cooder Graw
rmofle at

She’s the one to lie to you

E                                A                 E
This hurt ain’t nothing a little leaving you won’t cure
     E                            F#              B7
This pain will go away as soon as I walk out your door
     A                                   E               A
This heart will take a beating, yeah but it’ll be fine I know
    E                     B7             E
I'm there when I tell you I'm glad to be gone

    A                      E 
You left me lying here all alone
    F#                B
You had me hoping the morning would find you home
    A                                      E                  A
You could have stopped the crying if you’d just picked up the phone
    E                      B7           E
You could’ve been good but you wound up wrong


Roll up the red carpet and burn the welcome mat
You can flush my toothbrush honey, I ain’t never coming back
Shame on you from what you did, and shame on your mom and dad
For letting you run around and treat me so bad


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