Elizabeth Cook, Always Tomorrow Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Elizabeth Cook, Always Tomorrow Tabs, Chords

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Elizabeth Cook - Always Tomorrow (Chords)

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Intro D

You donít like the way things are
You can wish upon a star
D-D7-G              D
     Thereís always tomorrow

Things donít work out like you planned
And youíve had all you can stand
Well, thereís always tomorrow
      A                            D
Oh on your bad days thereís always tomorrow

You got the whole world by the tail
And it seems like you canít fail
Thereís always tomorrow

Oh on your best days thereís always tomorrow

Instrumental (Use chords from 2nd verse)

When you finally leave this place
Thisíll be your saving grace
To me, Thereís always tomorrow

Oh on your bad days thereís always tomorrow
And on your best days thereís always tomorrow
Oh and come what may, thereís always tomorrow

Instrumental (Play 1st verse then 2nd verse chords twice then play D to end) 

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Cook Elizabeth Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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