Elizabeth Cook, Mama's Prayers (capo 1) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Elizabeth Cook, Mama's Prayers (capo 1) Tabs, Chords

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Elizabeth Cook - Mama's Prayers (capo 1) (Chords)

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Intro A D A E A

Iím not in the hall of fame
Iím not on a wak of shame
A                                     E
I guess youíll find me in between somewhere
Things go right and things go wrong
Sometimes youíll hear me sing a song
A                     E            A
Youíll always find me in my mamaís prayers

D                           A                      E
Sure as the skies will turn dark at the end of the day
E               A        A       -  A7  - D
The angels must count on what sheís gonna say
D                 A                       E
And I know Iím at least one of five other names
D                              E
When Iím down and think nobody cares
E                                A
I remember that Iím in my mamaís prayers

Instrumental D E A

Not everybody has a mama
No one does forever long
And I used to think well Lord thatís just not fair
But I believe the words are for always
And they wonít end with the days
Iím grateful that Iím in my mamaís prayers

Repeat Chorus

Donít always know what to believe
And I donít always know everything I need
But faithfully my name is called each night
By a quilted bedside
And the devil may come see me on a dare
But heíll be up against my mamaís prayers

When Iím down and think nobody cares
I remember that Iím in ma mamaís prayers


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Cook Elizabeth Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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