, My Favorite Disguise Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, My Favorite Disguise Tabs, Chords

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- My Favorite Disguise (Chords)

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My Favorite Disguise İFebruary 2009
By Clifford D. Cory

Capo I
Verse I
A                   D        A
You call me up well after midnight
                    E     A
You say "Can I come over now?"
                          D       A    
I know where you been and it's alright
     B           E
I overlook it somehow
       A                       A7
'Cause when your with me your not the girl
D                        A
Seen in everyone else's eyes
                        D        A
You're the girl that's loving me now
               E          A
And that's my favorite disguise

Verse II
Sometimes you're a sinner and sometimes a saint
Sometimes someone in between
Sometimes you are and sometimes you ain't
Exactly who you seem
Sometimes the devil sometimes an angel
Just fallen from the skies
Sometimes you're here just for me
And that's my favorite disguise

Verse III
You leave me alone just before dawn
For where I'll never know
Making me wonder just what went wrong 
Something I should already know
Cause the second your feet hit the street
That's when I realize
The woman I was with late last night
Was just wearing my favorite disguise

        E                   A
Keep wearing my favorite disguise
My Favorite Disguise.doc 

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