Davis Daniels, Fightin' Fire With Fire Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Davis Daniels, Fightin' Fire With Fire Tabs, Chords

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Davis Daniels - Fightin' Fire With Fire (Chords)

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Fightin Fire With Fire 
By Davis Daniels
rmofle at satx.rr.com

You can also capo on 3 and play key of D chords (D, G, A7)
Or capo 1 and play key of E chords (E, A, B7)

    F                                              Bb
You slip in to bed, rolled over and turned out the light
     C7                      Bb        C7         F
When I want to love you, you just said babe not tonight
      F                                             Bb
But I see him behind those embers that glow in your eyes
C7                            Bb         C7           F   
Though he don't know it, he's in for the fight of his life

                           Bb                   F
Cause I'll fight fire with fire, in your arms tonight
C7                       Bb             C7           F 
I'm gonna burn those old feelings right out of your life
                             Bb                           F
And I'll match him flame for flame, when we turn out the lights
           C7                           Bb             C7        F   
When those feelings come around I'll be there, fightin fire with fire

I remember a time, when your love burned only for me
Now it's out of control like a wildfire caught in a breeze
And it's been to long since I loved you, with me on your mind 
And in the morning when the smoke clears that spark and your eyes will be mine


When those memories come around I'll be there,
Fightin fire with fire

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