Darren Kozelsky, Seven Vern Gosdins Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Darren Kozelsky, Seven Vern Gosdins Tabs, Chords

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Darren Kozelsky - Seven Vern Gosdins (Chords)

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Seven Vern Gosdins
By Darren Kozelsky

C                    Em
I came here thinking I'd have one drink and
F              G           C
Catch the last half of the game
C                         Em
Talk to some old friends, find out how they've been
    F        G            C
And not even mention your name
     Am                     F
Well my plan was working, I fin'lly stopped hurtin'
F                          G
Just when I thought I'd survived
     Am                 F 
Some fool in the corner armed with his quarters
F                           G 
Brought that old jukebox to life

      F                         Em
I was doin' just fine, you were out of my mind
F                 G
I had it under control
       F              C             F             Am 
Aw but that was three George Jones, one heartfelt Doug Stone
    F          G         C
And seven Vern Gosdins ago

Now I don't know what happened, how I went from laughing
To drowning in my broken heart
Hittin' the liquor, kissin' your picture
To the shock of the boys at the bar
Now I'm out on the dance floor and I don't know what for
Waltzin' around like a fool
Thinkin' you miss me, that you're here with me
And then comes the moment of truth


Steel solo


So you play what you play but you'll have to just wait
I've got seven Vern Gosdins to go

Darren Kozelsky Tabs & Chords

Darren Kozelsky Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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