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Dave Gunning, Here She Comes A Running Chords

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Dave Gunning - Here She Comes A Running (Chords)

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                Here She Comes A Running
Dave Gunning

(G)Here she comes a running and the (C)wind should hope to (G)catch her
O'er the mountains through the heather soft and (D)free
The (G)boys all calling to her but a (C)song I sweetly (G)whistle
And hope the wind will (C)take my song and (D)bring her love to me

Early (C)springtime,  the winter (G)thaw
Down by the (D)river,  'twas there I (Am)saw
Her hair was (C)golden,  her love was (G)free
How could I (D)have her love for (Am)me


Down by the (C)ocean,  one night we (G)met
Just as the (D)sun,  was sinking (Am)west
High was the (C)tide,  soft was the (G)sand
So graceful(D)ly,  she took my (Am)hand


The pattern (C)dance,  down at the (G)fair
But with the (D)boys,  I would not (Am)share
We slipped a(C)way,  under the (G)stars above
Down by the (D)ocean,  we shared our (Am)love


Maybe we'll (C)marry,  and build a (G)home
We'll grow a (D)garden,  to call our (Am)own
We'll run to(C)gether,  in mountain (G)wind
So she can (D)hear my song (Am)again


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