Dave Gunning, Prince Of Pictou Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Dave Gunning, Prince Of Pictou Tabs, Chords

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Dave Gunning - Prince Of Pictou (Chords)

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Prince of Pictou (Capo 4)
Dave Gunning

(A)By the (D)lights of Pictou (G)Harbour
(A)A lonely (D)prince stands on the (G)shore
(A)Left be(D)hind across the (G)ocean
(A)To hide the (D)ways of George the (G)IV

(A)A lantern (D)flickers in the (G)hallway
(A)A clock burns (D)time from afar (G)
(A)Dressed to (D)kill but (G)dyin' fast inside
(A)He makes his (D)way down to the (G)bar

(A)He tells the (D)story of his (G)old life, (A)to a (D)wall of disbelief (G)
(A)He buys a (D)drink for the (G)girls of Creighton Street
(A)And spends the (D)fortune of a (G)King

There are (Bm)diamonds (G)buried in these (A)waters
There is (Bm)gold (G)hidden in the (A)hills
There are (Bm)secrets that (G)lie beneath the (A)surface
Of an (F#m)unwelcome (Em)son, a forgotten (Bm)Prince

(G  A  Bm  G  A  D  Bb6)

(A)He sits in (D)darkness at the (G)tavern
(A)And counts the (D)years away from (G)home
He lifts his (A)glass, makes a (D)toast from his worn out (G)barroom chair
(A)Here's to (D)life upon the (G)throne
And here's a toast to my (Bm)father
I (G)wonder…  does he ever drink to (D)me?
I (Dm)wonder…  does he ever think of (Am)me?  (Em)

(A)The cold of (D)January (G)took him, (A)at the (D)age of 3(G)3
(A)They carried him (D)up to the (G)top of Laurel Hill
(A)To let him (D)rest among the (G)trees

(A)All the (D)politicians (G)gathered
(A)To pay the (D)mystery man his (G)due
And al(A)though they'd never (D)said hello, they've (G)come to say goodbye
(A)Just in (D)case the story's (G)true


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