The Dead Livers, Up And Down The Line Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

The Dead Livers, Up And Down The Line Tabs, Chords

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The Dead Livers - Up And Down The Line (Chords)

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Up and down the line. 
Composed by Marty Atchison ©1979 recorded by the Dead Livers

Intro Ė Em D Em D
[G] Country bands sure like fine in their [Em] silk and golden suits
[D] Flash guitars and cowboy hats and [Em] diamond studded boots
But [G] that kinda side donít cut with us you see [Em] weíre just human beings
[D] Hate a smoke and a toke and a joke and a [Em] ten ounce pot of beer
[G]Playing country [D]music [C]up and down the [Em] line
[G]Was a time I [D] thought weíd make it [C] but thatís passed us [Em] by
And we [G] play that country [D] music,  [C] till the day  --- we [Em] die
Em D 
From Tamworth down to Warrnambool from Rutherglen to Jung
We met some mates and we drank some beer and then we moved along
And that white line fever well it never seems to leave you when as you haul along that load
Itís another town and another gig then back out on the road (at the weekend)
Solo to verse
Well that work gets thin and itís a pretty safe bet Iíll never be a millionaire
But the more you get is the more you want so I donít really care
As long as my woman stays with me and thereís a roof over my head
I got a big fat belly and a black and white telly and a nice warm cosy bed
Outro Ė Em D

[Thanks to Michael Schack for tabs]

Dead Livers, The Tabs & Chords

Dead Livers, The Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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