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Dead Ringer Band, Living In The Circle Chords

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Dead Ringer Band - Living In The Circle (Chords)

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                Living in the circle
 	  	  	  (Dead Ringer Band)

Intro:   A   D   A   A   E   A

A                D         A
Raggy Doll in my scarecrow jeans,
                     E             A
Cold and thin as the cracks in the sidewalk.
A               D
Pretty smile as big as you please,
      A            E       A
And a heart that's made to match.

A                D     A
Left home with a lucky charm,
                    E               A
A dollar coin and a prayer from her Grandma.
A                  D       
Pray the lord that you'll work hard,
        A         E            A
and the coin will find its way back.

A    E
Hey, living in the circle,
A        D             A        E                   
One more time like you did it before.
A    E
Hey, living in the circle,
A         D            E         A
Round and round on the fall of a dollar.

A                  D          A
Gravel roads and a patch work tent,
             E             A
Every step a trial for the innocent.
A                 D
Lord knows it was hard not to bend,
A           E           A
But she was true to her grandma.

A                               D        A
She said 'It's a road where the brambles grow,
                    E            A
toss a coin for the mountain and snow.
A                        D
The devil's curse is the path you don't know,
A          E            A
You better trust in the Lord.'

-> Chorus

B                   E      B
Gave her heart to a circus Joe,
                     Fm          B
Her babies raised on beans and a tight rope.
                E       B
Never needed to beg nor borrow no,
            Fm           B
She had her faith in the Lord.

She said 'Yesterday's another place,
Tomorrows far away,
Today is a turn of the coin,
D                            E
Heads you win, tails you win again.'

A                     D        A
Read the words on her Grandmas grave,
   E                      A
In God we trust, Hands of faith.
A                         D
The lesson learnt and the coin returns
A          E       A
The circle stays unbroken.



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