Joe Diffie, A Night To Remember Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Joe Diffie, A Night To Remember Tabs, Chords

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Joe Diffie - A Night To Remember (Chords)

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Capo #3
Intro: G-D-Em-C-D
       G                   D 
      Been one tough week, dead on my feet 
       C                                    G-D  
      But I've made plans for tonight 
       G                                   D 
      When I'm feeling blue  Ďknow just what to do 
       C                              D 
      And how to make it right 
      Am                         C          D 
      Seems like I've needed this forever 
            Am             D        G       D-C (or just palm mute it)   
      Gonna have myself a night to remember 

              G                                                    D 
      Dim the lights lock the door spread you're pictures 
      On the floor throw the dust off of our past  
       C                          D
      Let it all come flooding back  
                           G                                           D             
      Cause it ainít easy being strong and when canít forget 
      You're gone I just surrender 
          C                           D                 G-D-Em-C-D (Donít Play D-Chord for Outro)
      and Have myself a night to remember 

        G                                D 
      Sad aint my style but once in a while 
      C                         G-D 
      I just have to give in 
      G                  D 
      Cause a woman like you is so hard to lose 
       C                                     D 
      You just donít want it to end 
       Am               C          D 
      And I know this can't go on forever 
       Am                     D        G D-C (or just palm mute it)   
      So tonight I'll have a night to remember 
      repeat chorus, 
       D          G                           D 
      Oh it aint easy being strong and when I can't 
                               Em   D 
      Forget you're gone I'll just surrender 
       C         D                G 
      And have myself a night to remember

[Thanks to krhobbar for tabs]

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