Joe Diffie, So Help Me Girl Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Joe Diffie, So Help Me Girl Tabs, Chords

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Joe Diffie - So Help Me Girl (Chords)

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So Help Me Girl
As recorded by Joe Diffie

You could have kissed me like this wasn't gonna last
Kept me from sayin' something I'll never take back
You could have held me like there was no chance
   A                    F#m 
Of me waking up where I am
      D                                                E
You could have stopped short of every dream I've ever had

            A                    F#m
So help me girl, you've gone too far
              D               E
It's way too late to save my heart
             A                 F#m
The way it feels each time we touch
             D             E
I know I've never been so loved
    D                E               A
And I can't help myself, so help me girl

You had to be there when that old sun came up
Makin' last night feel like a vision of things yet to come
You just had to hold me like nobody else
Now look what you've gone and done
You had to love me till I just can't get enough

Repeat Chorus twice

Submitted by:
Jim Nelson
Manawa, WI

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