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Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys, Ol' Blue Chords

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Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys - Ol' Blue (Chords)

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                The Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys - Ol' Blue

I came into the house, just as still as a mouse
F                     C
Filled with a burnin’ dread
What was eattin’ at me, was your cheatin’ on me
          D              G
There was red hair in my bed
I kinda figured, he’d be stronger and bigger
           F                        C
I had some prints to this warty old frog
        F                             C       Am
But the least I’d a thought, when you finally caught
         C          G       C
You’d be humpin’ my huntin’ dog.

      F                  C
Honey why’d you f**k Ol' Blue
          G          C
What’d he ever do to you
         F                      C          Am
He was a good ol’ pup, till you f**ked him up
C         G        C
Why’d you f**k Ol' Blue 
F     C         G        C
Honey why’d you f**k Ol' Blue.

I bout you nice things, bought you diamond rings
   F                      C
To make life a little bit better
But you’re repayin’ me, and you’re betrayin’ me
   D                G
By porkin’ my Irish setter
I paid many hard dues, I wore wonderin’ shoes
  F               C
I traveled many a mile
       F                   C          Am
But my broken heart, never had such a start
       C              G      C
When I seen you do it doggie style.


Now there are things to a man, that are as sacred as land
       F                      C
Like a pickup with four wheel drive
There are the things that he learns
And the things that he earns
        D                 G
And the feelin’ of bein’ alive
Now you can walk out on me
You can stomp out on me
           F                 C
Without as much as a goodbye smooch
But when my dog gets the itch
       C           Am
You go down like a b***h
    C         G          C
And he for my two timin’ pooch.



Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys Tabs & ChordsDisturbingly Lonesome Cowboys Lyrics

Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys
Buy Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys CD

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