Jimmie Driftwood, Billy The Kid Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Jimmie Driftwood, Billy The Kid Tabs, Chords

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Jimmie Driftwood - Billy The Kid (Chords)

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(D) I'll sing you the story of (A) Billy the (D) Kid
I'll (D) tell'em the deeds that[A]young outlaw[D]did
Way out in the west a[G]long time ago
When a (D) man's truest friend was his (A) own forty- (D) four

[D]When Billy the Kid was a[A]very young[D]lad
In old Silver City he[A]went to the[D]bad
With a curse on his lips and a[G]knife in his hand
At the[D]age of fourteen years he[A]killed his first[D]man

[D]t was on the same night that our[A]young Billy[D]died
He said to himself, "I'm not[A]quite[D]satisfied
It's twenty one men  I've have[G]sift bullets through
And[D]sheriff Pat Garrett's gonna[A]make[D]twenty-two"

[D]he sheriff he walked through the[A]bushes so[D]sly
He waited til billy was a[A]walking close[D]by
He shot Billy down though he[G]once was his friend
And that's how young billy's life[A]came to an[D]end

[D]Will always remember this[A]young outlaws[D]name
He was quick on the draw he was[A]bold he was[D]game
He wanted to die in his[G]boots an he did
And[D]that's the true story of[A]bill the[D]kid

[Thanks to bill for tabs]

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Driftwood Jimmie Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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