Dry county, Little Girl Of Mine Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Dry county, Little Girl Of Mine Tabs, Chords

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Dry county - Little Girl Of Mine (Chords)

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Little Girl Of Mine
By Dry County

Capo 2

C      D       G
Little girl of mine
C              D     G 
You're growin' up is through
    C       D              Em      C
And in this dance, this is my last chance
   C         D        G
To say these words to you

I always knew this day would come
Since the day you were born
And I apologize for these teary eyes
That's not what we're here for

I've never been an open man
That you already know
So on this day that I give you away
Here's my gift to you

           C       D         G
I wish you all the love, the happiness
C         D    G
One could ever have
C     D        G   
And a world of deep passions
     C       D     G
Your old man never had
C       D           G
Still I owe you the world
C              D     Em  C
For not givin' up on me
C               D             Em        C 
'Cause I'm just proud I could still be around
C       D       G
On your special day

Oh little girl of mine
I guess you're on your way
But the love you have can't replace your dad's
Until my dying day

There's one more thing that I want you to know
Before this dance is through
I worked me life just to see this night
And give my heart to you


'Cause I was the man
That was holdin' your hand
Until your special day 

Dry county Tabs & Chords

Dry county Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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