Chris Edwards, Quandary Towns Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Chris Edwards, Quandary Towns Tabs, Chords

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Chris Edwards - Quandary Towns (Chords)

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Play verse chord progression (Am-C-Em-G) once for intro

Am                 C
Every day seems to find another way
Em                            G
To lead me to a place where I donít want to stay.
Am                              C
I just want to cling to the pieces
Em                       G
Of whatís been tossed away.

You know itís just so hard to find
Any rhyme or methodology in these here times
Itís gotten harder
To put my foot in the door
After so many years spent
Looking up from the floor.

G                 D     
I looked up and Lord, I looked down
Am                    C
Been around them quandary towns.
G                 D
Been pulled right through the wringer
Am                      C                 G
Lord the world's out to shoot me the finger.

So tired of running into those
Who have something to say about every thing.
I guess they got all the right answers,
Provided you got the right questions for them.


The right questions,
Yes, the right questions.   (2x)

-Chorus 1x
-Instrumental verse

Every day seems to find some other way
To lead me to a place where I can't really stay.

Edwards Chris Tabs & Chords

Edwards Chris Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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