Brett Eldredge, It Ain't Gotta Be Love Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Brett Eldredge, It Ain't Gotta Be Love Tabs, Chords

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Brett Eldredge - It Ain't Gotta Be Love (Chords)

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It Ain't Gotta Be Love
By Brett Eldredge

Capo 4 (Or Capo 2 where Bm=C#m, A=B, D=E and G=A)

Bm    A     D
Can I bum a light from you baby
Bm                 A         D
If you let me I'll buy you a round
Bm      A          D 
Sure is packed, is that seat taken
       Bm      A     D
Do you mind if I sit down
Bm        A            D
I see you tappin' your foot there baby
Bm     A         D
So you like that song
        Bm         A  D 
Well it happens to be one of my favorites
       Bm          A       D
Do you wanna dance baby, c'mon

G                         D
It's time to get a little weekend crazy
G                          D        
There's no need to make it all that tough
G                        D
We ain't jumping off the deep end baby
Bm       A        D
It ain't gotta be love
       Bm    A        D
No, it ain't gotta be love

No pressure, let your hair down baby
We can take it slow
Your name and what you're drinkin' 
Is all I need to know




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