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Emory Quinn, Downtown San Antone Chords

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Emory Quinn - Downtown San Antone (Chords)

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                Downtown San Antone
By Emory Quinn

Capo 5

I got my windows down, and my radio up 
G                                         D 
Drivin’ down ninety spittin’ in my coffee cup 
The convicts are picking trash on the side of the road 
D                            G 
On my way to Down Town San Antone 

I got off of work, down in Quemado 
I finally got a piece of the big enchilada 
Climbing my way up the corporate ladder 
Pickin’ them melons and eatin’ off a silver platter 

We’re gonna meet up with the boys, 
And see if we can make some noise 
D                                      G
Rent us a barge and drink some gold tequila
C                        G
Don’t it make you smile, dancin’ on saltillo tile 
D                                       G
Underneath the stars in Down Town San Antone 

There’s a warrant out, for my arrest 
In three different counties all to the north and west 
So I got to stay polite and keep from raisin’ hell 
Or else I might find myself in the downtown jail 

But it got late, and I got drunk 
The devil came out and I got into the rum 
So I danced around and after a late night dinner 
I took off my shirt and I belly flopped in the river 

Chorus (2X) 

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